We operate a three -stage system   

.These include:

The Initial Consultation Stage

: This is the initial Consultation usually by an appointment.

The prospective client is invited to meet with our specialist solicitor. This meeting enables both you and the solicitor to get to discuss in detail what the case is about.

You will be given up to an hour to state orally  what you want us to do. Based on your history and quest, a detailed and most appropriate and workable  advice is given by the specialist solicitor. Written details of the documents and pre-application steps and fully and clearly provided for you. An email advice follows your consultation to ensure that you understand all the intricate policies and regulations regarding your case.

Current situation         

:  Due to Covid -19 Lockdown and social distancing policies, we are unable to meet physically with prospective and existing client. This is to protect you and us from un

avoidable proximity.

Alternatively, we rely on electronic and social media for our work. For consultations, we use WhatsApp Videos,  Face Book Messenger and  via Zoom. These mediums enable you to have a hitch -free visual consultation sessions.

Our charge for Initial Consultation is £60 ( sixty pounds) which is payable through bank transfer.

Note: if you subsequently instruct us to handle your matter, the £60 consultation fee will be deducted from your legal fees.


The Second stage is the Preparation and Review Stage     

: At this stage we encourage you to provide the supporting documents you require to enable us to carefully prepare and submit your a paper or

an   online   application.     Currently   due   to   Covid-19   restrictions   and   preventive   measures,   we encourage  all clients to utilize available electronic  or social media avenues to send documents to 


We encourage prospective clients to use their mobile phones and scans to produce such supporting documents.

For those of our existing and prospective clients who are unable to utilize the stated electronic or social media transmission systems, we allow documents to be posted to us.

It enables us to check and clarify any issues that may arise.  And advise you further where necessary.


A detailed cover letter accompanies every application made for you as this assists the Caseworkers to have better understanding of your application. We shall proceed to the next stage only after you are satisfied and agree with the matters.


Third  State is the Submission stage:           

This involves the submission of your application. We ensure that you are able to provide requisite documents and information to have a high probability of a

successful outcome. We arrange your biometric appointments and guide you through it all. We assist   all   our   clients   to   upload   documents   to   ensure   that   deadlines   are   met   while   the   right documents are provided for consideration by Home office Caseworkers.

The Final Application Stage  

: While your application is pending, we always continue to work with you by providing updates and also work with you to meet any further requests that may accrue after the

submission of your application within the UK or overseas. Our goal is to provide our best service with a successful outcome. Your success is our pride and thus the final stage ends with a decision.





 We operate a fixed fee policy. This means that we assess your case and tell you our charges. We may charge for incidental expenses such as Interpreter’s fee or fees for translation of documents from other languages into English. In matters where DNA evidence is required, such fees are payable by the client to those who provide the services. You will be fully informed  prior to any such charge.


Initial Applications      


The fee depends on the complexity of your case because no two cases are exactly the same. However our fees range from between £600-£1000 (excluding VAT)



This is when your application is refused by the Home office or Entry Clearance/Visa Officer and you believe you have good reasons to challenge the decision.

This could be by way of an oral hearing at the Immigration and Asylum Tribunal or by  a paper appeal where you do not need to go to the Tribunal in person and the matter is considered based on the supporting documents sent to the tribunal, by a Tribunal Judge.

We undertake all appeals  from the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal up to the Judicial Review stage. if there is merit in your case. We are proud to mention that we have a reasonably low appeal matters as we strive to get it right the first time at the application stage.


We consider merit and the probability of success always before proceeding to the appeal stage. 

The appeal stage does not form a part of the initial application stage and so are charged separately.

We also deal with clients who instruct us directly following a refusal of their applications.


Our fixed fees  for appeal matters depends on the type of appeal( Oral or paper appeal).

Generally, our fixed fees  for appeal range between £800-£1500. This also depends on the level at which the matter is being appeal. ( Tribunal  for initial appeal hearings and considerations or Upper Tribunal for Reconsiderations and Judicial Reviews).

In matters where an external Counsel is to be instructed, we shall discuss Counsel fees with you prior to proceeding with such an instruction.